Why is working for Sobinco wow?


We're here, but you can't see us.

Well-hidden next to the railway in Zulte, you will find Sobinco's premises. 
Never heard of? We would love to change that!

We are a production company active in metal industry. 
Inspired by life, people, their safety and comfort, for 60 years Sobinco has been designing and producing high-quality, innovative components and systems. These parts are processed by window and door constructors in durable aluminium windows, doors and sliding doors to be smoothly operated and secured aesthetically.

The extensive range of window and door hinges, locks, handles, cylinders, rollers, sliding door systems, etc. is exported from its headquarters in Zulte to 60 countries worldwide.

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The Sobinco feeling in our company values.

No Sobinco without employees. We are all important: We are key.

Respect, drive, stability and development are the company values lived by every employee with pride. These values are the key to a strong collaboration, a warm collegiality and a comfortable workplace. 

At Sobinco we value each other as colleagues, but as individuals too. We respect the company and the efforts it goes to, the products that are produced and we look after the infrastructure in general. Tolerance and equality in our dealings with each other and mutual trust form the basis of our cooperation. We wish to create a sense of solidarity, a feeling of togetherness, of collectively striving towards the same goals.

Motivated people who can get the most out of each other are the foundations on which Sobinco is built. Here you can find colleagues who support each other and who have the determination to bring explicit projects to a successful conclusion together, who exercise flexibility to seek and find solutions with a positive mindset.

Sobinco is a stable partner to do business with. At all times, we supply high-calibre products and services to customers within reliable delivery deadlines. We constantly monitor this and adjust when necessary. We value greatly the trust that our customers show in us. As an employer too, Sobinco sees itself as a stable company. We offer good job security with many colleagues having built up long careers with us. Moreover, Sobinco does much to ensure that there is an optimum work-life balance for our employees. We expect engagement from our staff, in return we offer a pleasant working environment and board members who are accessible and open to ideas for improvement and innovation.

As a company, Sobinco constantly endeavours to expand. Not least, when this is refl ected in our gradual growth in turnover both at home and abroad. But with our planned doubling of production capacity, these intentions can be interpreted quite literally too. The development of innovative products continues apace. We are continuously searching for ways in which we can best respond to market demand. This is only possible thanks to a team of well-attuned individuals eager to roll back frontiers to achieve excellent results. At Sobinco, each and every day, it is possible to learn new things, expand your knowledge and develop as an individual. Opportunities for personal development here are manifold.

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