Do sustainability and aesthetics go together?

Inspiration - 15 January 2024

The growing awareness about the importance of sustainability is leading manufacturers to opt for high-quality materials and longer lifespans. In addition, increasing attention is being focused on the aesthetic desirability of stylish door and window fittings such as handles, door pulls, finger pulls, hinges, etc. Not only the design, but the finishing too is important.

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The importance of ventilation

Inspiration - 22 March 2023

Eighty-five percent of our time we spend indoors, but according to Zorg en Gezondheid, the Flemish agency for health and care, we pay little heed to the effects of indoor air on our health.

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How can you prevent your home being burgled?

Inspiration - 24 October 2022

Before long, the clocks will be changing to winter time. For most people, that means an extra hour in bed. But what most homeowners don’t realise is that start of winter time also signals the start of break-in time. The darker days provide burglars with more time to strike unnoticed. High time therefore, to take proper precautions, because every break-in is one too many.
By taking a few simple steps, you can make it more difficult for burglars to gain entry.

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New website

Launch - 20 August 2020

Our brand new website has been launched. Responsive, clear and user-friendly.

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Launch - 02 June 2020

Nanocoat, a surface treatment, is unique in its kind because it has a fast-acting, long-lasting, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal activity at the same time, even with frequent use.

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