About Sobinco

Connecting the dots

From customer needs

to customised solutions

The possibility of opening and closing windows and doors, living life to the full, or deliberately choosing to keep the noise outside. Of protecting your house and home or, conversely, opening it up to friends and family ... in essence, that’s what it’s all about.

Inspired by life, people, their safety and comfort, for 60 years Sobinco has been designing and producing high-quality, innovative components and systems that enable aluminium windows, doors and sliding doors to be operated and secured aesthetically.

Our history

Sobinco is an invaluable partner for system designers and fabricators of aluminium windows and doors, because it offers a unique and complete service, from innovative product development to flexibility in production planning and reliability in delivery.

Moreover, at all times, Sobinco strives to identify the latest trends and translate these into contemporary innovations with a focus on quality, functionality and design. The vertical integration allows the production process to be closely monitored and adapted at every step, for standard and customised products alike. But afterwards too, during assembly and installation, Sobinco offers solid support.

The extensive range of window and door hinges, locks, handles, cylinders, rollers, sliding door systems, etc. is exported from its headquarters in Zulte to 60 countries worldwide.

Our strengths

Through high-tech engineering

and great craftsmanship

Not only the focus on innovating technologies took Sobinco to a higher level. The neverending urge for innovation of the full Sobinco team ensures Sobinco keeps surprising with innovative products that make a great impression throughout the world, a high delivery performance, flexibility and an excellent service and customer support.

Our departments
95%Belgian production
30.000production area
20.000articles/day produced