Our strengths

Sobinco is

vertically integrated

At Sobinco the entire production process takes place under one roof. In this way we are able to manage and control the value creation chain from start to finish. 
This gives us great flexibility and allows us to attain sustainable results over the short term.
This vertical integration is instrumental in gaining high levels of commitment across all departments. After all, this gives everyone the freedom to assume responsibility as part of a larger whole. 
It is precisely the coming together of this expertise, across all departments, that sustains our resolution to deliver customised solutions in co-creation with our customers. 

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Sobinco excels

in innovation.

Innovation is our passion. Our creativity, expertise and craftsmanship provide a guarantee of added value which translates into high-quality products, easy assembly, modularity, sustainability and aesthetic comfort. 

Driven by this passion, our team at all times endeavours to improve our current products and develop new ones. To this end, we listen to the market and to our customers.

We focus on personal development and encourage a large degree of independence. Not only does this benefit the customer, but our employees too.

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Sobinco stands for

certified top-class quality.

We use high-quality materials for our product development. These products are exhaustively tested in line with the strictest of guidelines and quality requirements. Every product must satisfy these as a minimum and their ratings often exceed the required standards. 
This provides assurances: for ourselves, for our customers and for consumers. 
We are quite justly proud  of the excellent quality we deliver. Every day we set the bar higher to ensure this quality. 

Stainless steel v steel

Because we use stainless steel in production instead of ordinary grade steel used in the industry, our products and systems are characterised by extremely high levels of corrosion resistance. 

Lifelong resistance to corrosion

Salt spray tests have shown that these levels of corrosion resistance are lifelong. This is unique and guarantees the end user problem-free use and faultless operation of their aluminium windows and doors when these are assembled and installed in the correct manner by the fabricator.

Large adjustment range

In order to effectuate correct assembly and installation, our systems and components come with a large adjustment range. In this way, unforeseen circumstances in production can be offset by fine-tuning during assembly. This is even the case for windows and doors with large dimensions and weights, because this is what we excel at.

The finishing options are very extensive:

  • Polyester powder coating in more than 450 RAL colours
  • textured lacquer
  • Natural anodization or color anodization
  • stainless steel look

A number of our developments have been patented in order to be able to continue to guarantee 100% Belgian Sobinco quality.

Sobinco offers

all-round solutions.

We have a strong customer focus.  Not only in the development of our products, but also in our after-sales support, during the installation process and even long afterwards.

We are always on hand to help each and every customer. This results in mutual trust, loyalty and long-lasting partnerships.

This special attention to service is likewise reflected in our team spirit. Each and everyone is willing to help their colleagues. That’s just how we are.

One-stop shop

Our extraordinarily extensive range of products means that we operate as a one-stop shop for our customers. As sole supplier for all their fittings, Sobinco meets their every need.


All our products are supported by detailed documentation in the form of catalogues, assembly instructions, manuals, brochures, leaflets, DOPs, etc.

Chrono Logic Online

Thanks to Chrono Logic Online, the calculation, visualisation and installation of window fittings is child’s play. This handy online application generates a clearly defined parts list for all items needed, delivering big time-savings when orders are placed and in the planning for window production.

Experienced support team

Unforeseen circumstances or practical problems? If so, feel free to contact our experienced support team. For specific requests, there’s every chance we’ll already have the solution for you. If not, we will seek out a customised solution.

Enthusiastic sales department

Sobinco’s sales department is staffed by a team of enthusiastic and reliable specialists. They know the products inside out and are able to guide you personally through our impressive collection. Likewise, our internal sales team is well known throughout the sector for its extensive know-how and transparent communication.

Reliable delivery

Clients are often faced with sudden turnabout, so to deal with that we offer flexible production planning and reliable delivery deadlines.

The combination of a dedicated team of staff operating in an optimised, high-tech working environment means that the different phases of the production chain join up seamlessly, up to and including the client’s workshop and on-site installation.

Sobinco has

60 years of expertise in door and window fittings.

The Van Parys family has created a financially viable and high-tech environment  where our specialists can focus on their strengths.

With more than 60 years in the business, you can rest assured that we are a reliable  partner, ready to seize the opportunity.

Nevertheless, we remain approachable. In short, a family atmosphere, where there is mutual respect for management, customers, partners and employees.

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