Do sustainability and aesthetics go together?

Inspiration - 15 January 2024

The growing awareness about the importance of sustainability is leading manufacturers to opt for high-quality materials and longer lifespans. In addition, increasing attention is being focused on the aesthetic desirability of stylish door and window fittings such as handles, door pulls, finger pulls, hinges, etc. Not only the design, but the finishing too is important.

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Did you know that Sobinco, in addition to the development and production of sophisticated door and window fittings, also has its own first-class finishing department in-house? We offer more than 450 RAL colours in powder coating, including matt, glossy or additional textures: you name it, we coat it!

A flawless finishing process is a combination of a well-organised team of staff with expert know-how and efficient means of production, for example, customised coating hooks per product type. These are likewise custom-made in situ.
Using 2 conveyor ovens, we can process a staggering 90 colour changes per day, per oven!


As well as this extraordinary range of colours, the diversity of types of aluminium we can treat is also unique. We can finish zinc alloy, sprayed aluminium, cast aluminium or extruded aluminium with a powder coating effortlessly.


Thanks to the specialised pre-treatment which these basic aluminium components undergo in chemical baths, Sobinco’s coating processes have a reputation for superior finishing and durable quality.


Besides powder coating, we also offer anodisation in about ten different shades for aluminium sections of up to six metres in length, depending on the required colour.

The anodisation process involves the immersion of basic aluminium components in a chemical bath. Due to the effect of an electrical current, the metal surface is given a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant and hard-wearing oxidised layer which is fully integrated with the aluminium substrate.

Door and window fittings in both finishings combine without any problem.

Whether it concerns powder coating or anodisation, for Sobinco’s door and window fittings sustainability and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Interested in any specific finishings?
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