Our Sobinco team has spent the last few months developing, designing and testing to expand our Horizon range with an SKG version. This will be known as “Horizon Security”.


General characteristics for Horizon Security are the same as for standard Horizon:

  • handle with spring, can rotate through 360° in 4 steps of 90° and is therefore non-handed
  • handles can also be used for doors and sliding doors in combination with PENTALOCK (picture 2)
  • handles are available in more than 450 RAL colours and anodised aluminium
  • the square spindle must be ordered separately
  • meets European Standard EN1906 class 47-0051A (2010)

Additional characteristics, specific to Horizon Security, are:

  • narrow backplate in solid aluminium
  • fixings are 3 x M6 screws
  • handles have a 2* SKG certificate
  • external handles have 3 fixing nuts, making it possible to use long screw-threads and strengthen the mounting to the profile

Different versions of  Horizon Security:

  • standard door handle, depth 71 mm (picture 3)
  • B-type door handle, depth 56 mm (picture 4)
  • roller shutter door handle, depth 31 mm (picture 5)
  • fixed door knob (picture 6)
  • long backplate (picture 7)

The new Horizon Security range is available from June 2013.