Our strengths

Connecting our strengths

Sobinco excels

at customised product development.

Sobinco always puts the customer first. We continuously analyse our current products and adapt or add to them if necessary to ensure they continue to meet our customers’ demands.

When conceiving and creating innovations, we study the potential influence of trends and developments in the marketplace. In this way, our flexible and inventive R&D department is able to create the most efficient and durable added-value solutions.

Our R&D experts are also available for co-creation. Working with a client to develop a product is an exciting and intensive process that requires productive dialogue between all parties concerned to attain a mutually beneficial outcome.

Sobinco offers

all-round solutions.

We go to extremes for our customers. That is why we continuously work on optimizing our entire supply chain, right up to the shop floor at the manufacturer. This is possible thanks to our vertical integration. Sobinco, in Zulte, is divided into various divisions that realize fast, controlled and flawless production from A to Z without compromising flexibility. And it is precisely this flexibility that enables us to serve our customers wherever and whenever they want.

Discover our departments

One-stop shop

Our extraordinarily extensive range of products means that we operate as a one-stop shop for our customers. As sole supplier for all their fittings, Sobinco meets their every need.


All our products are supported by detailed documentation in the form of catalogues, assembly instructions, manuals, brochures, leaflets, DOPs, etc.

Chrono Logic Online

Thanks to Chrono Logic Online, the calculation, visualisation and installation of window fittings is child’s play. This handy online application generates a clearly defined parts list for all items needed, delivering big time-savings when orders are placed and in the planning for window production.

Experienced support team

Unforeseen circumstances or practical problems? If so, feel free to contact our experienced support team. For specific requests, there’s every chance we’ll already have the solution for you. If not, we will seek out a customised solution.

Enthusiastic sales department

Sobinco’s sales department is staffed by a team of enthusiastic and reliable specialists. They know the products inside out and are able to guide you personally through our impressive collection. Likewise, our internal sales team is well known throughout the sector for its extensive know-how and transparent communication.

Reliable delivery

Clients are often faced with sudden turnabout, so to deal with that we offer flexible production planning and reliable delivery deadlines.

The combination of a dedicated team of staff operating in an optimised, high-tech working environment means that the different phases of the production chain join up seamlessly, up to and including the client’s workshop and on-site installation.

Sobinco stands for

certified top-class quality.

Sobinco has an exceptionally large test department where both new and existing products are subjected to constant analysis and testing. This includes durability testing of our products in combination with our clients’ profile systems.

Likewise, strength tests, cycle tests, break-in tests, and air, wind and water tests are performed internally, in compliance with European or country-specific directives and quality standards. Often the results of these tests on our products go over and above the statutory requirements.


A number of our innovations have been patented to protect them from being duplicated so that we can continue to guarantee 100% Belgian Sobinco quality.

Stainless steel v steel

Because we use stainless steel in production instead of ordinary grade steel used in the industry, our products and systems are characterised by extremely high levels of corrosion resistance. 

Lifelong resistance to corrosion

Salt spray tests have shown that these levels of corrosion resistance are lifelong. This is unique and guarantees the end user problem-free use and faultless operation of their aluminium windows and doors when these are assembled and installed in the correct manner by the fabricator.

Large adjustment range

In order to effectuate correct assembly and installation, our systems and components come with a large adjustment range. In this way, unforeseen circumstances in production can be offset by fine-tuning during assembly. This is even the case for windows and doors with large dimensions and weights, because this is what we excel at.

Sobinco focuses on

aesthetics and a comprehensive range of finishes.

Whilst our products may not catch the consumer’s eye, they are nevertheless critical for the quality of the final product and contribute to creating a safe, comfortable and stylish home environment.
Safety and
design are key aspects of the product development process, in addition to functionality and durability.

When installed, almost all our systems are concealed.  This means that when windows and doors are closed, there are no unsightly parts or components visible. But in their opened position too, we make sure that our products are subtly tucked away, or components neatly incorporated into the window or door section.

Surface-mounted systems
 are designed attractively, without detracting from the appearance, since the design of hinges and handles, the choice of materials and the colour or finish play just as decisive a role in the look and feel of windows and doors.

Sobinco’s strength lies in the development of operating elements, such as window handles, door handles, door pulls, turn knobs, sliding door handles and finger pulls. Sleek and minimalist or timeless and elegant? Within our extensive range of handles, we use the same type of handle for all windows, doors and sliding doors, so ensuring a uniform look. That not only creates the right balance for your interior, but also gives you peace of mind.

Wide range of finishes:

  • Polyester powder coating in more than 450 RAL colours
  • Textured coating
  • Natural anodisation or colour anodisation
  • Stainless steel look

Sobinco guarantees

reliable delivery.

All our standard products have a fixed maximum delivery time of 10 working days. In drawing up their schedules and making appointments with their customers, this is something our clients can rely on.

But for customised solutions too, we can commit to meeting agreed deadlines.
During the development process, projects are explored and analysed with regard to a number of aspects, on the basis of their feasibility. From submission of a request-for-development to the launch of the final product, we place
transparent communication with the client centre stage.

Sobinco has

60 years of expertise in door and window fittings.

Sobinco, or Société Belge pour l’Industrie et le Commerce, was established by Remi Van Parys and his wife Paule Verhamme in 1961 as a trading company specialising in customised fittings for steel windows and doors.

They soon decided to develop their own products and set up their own production lines so that they could more effectively meet the growing demand for their products.

Currently managed by the four sons, Renaat, Christophe, Harold and Emmanuel Van Parys, in recent years the company has opened a production site in Portugal, as well as established branches in China and Poland. We have representatives throughout Europe, the USA, Russia and India.
As such, exports of Sobinco products to more than sixty different countries are supported. So Sobinco is not only the undisputed market leader in Belgium, but also a leading player in the global market for aluminium window and door fittings.

Want to know more about our history?

Sobinco has always championed innovation. Constant investment has ensured that we now have an impressive high-tech machining workshop and the necessary software to support and modernise our production processes.

Sobinco continues to increase its share on the world market and is witnessing steady expansion. In order to address this growth, we are currently investing in the construction of a new production unit and offices, thus almost doubling the overall space taken up by buildings in Zulte.