The Sobinco concept stands for an organization with highly engaged employees, who turn technology and know-how into high-end products. Our company culture breathes out a family atmosphere and combines efficiency with creative dynamics. We are fully convinced that long-term success can only be reached through ethical entrepreneurship with a constant focus on the stakeholders over the whole value chain.


Within a traditional business, Sobinco wants to diversify itself by having the best understanding of both its clients and the end consumer. Therefore, product development for Sobinco means that we strengthen our historical technical core competencies with client orientated value innovation. In order to achieve this, we bring employees from all business domains together for consultation platforms on a daily basis where the richness of ideas and openness form the key elements of our future success.


With these basic values as an asset, Sobinco strives for profitable growth within top-level products with a high level of service through operational excellence, guaranteed quality and a transparent communication. Within that framework, Sobinco is valued by its clients as an innovative trendsetter and as a financially strong and flexible all-round partner.


A partnership with Sobinco goes from a conceptual phase and product development, over a fast and qualitative production up to a strong technical support by the sales team and R&D department.Our organization claims to uphold the following values as well: respect for the environment and working in safe circumstances, whether it is on the Sobinco work floor whilst clients are processing our products, or when the end consumer uses our products.


In Europe, Sobinco aims to be the supplier that fulfills all expectations of its customers by way of its integrated services:

  • Sobinco strives to be the leader in its Belgian and Southern European markets. To help achieve this leadership, Sobinco will ensure a delivery performance significantly better than its competitors.
  • In the markets of France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany, Sobinco will achieve growth through its strong export network.
  • The Polish and Russian markets are served through Sobinco’s branch in Poland.
  • Other Eastern European countries, and also China, the USA and Scandinavia offer Sobinco still further potential for growth.


Sobinco wants to be the most flexible partner for its clients in 3 domains:

  • Flexibility in adapting products and logistical service, tailor-made to the needs of the client.
  • Flexibility in production planning.
  • Flexibility and reliability for project business.


Sobinco wants to be the most innovative trendsetter for its clients by focusing on:

  • Offering complete solutions with a highly added value by supporting the core business of our clients, strengthening the potential growth factors of our clients and eliminate the pain points our clients might experience in their daily operations.
  • Adding functionality through product development and product enhancement.
  • Creating a short time-to-market, by having an own mould department within a vertically integrated production as an absolute asset.
  • Respecting environmental laws and regulations by processing durable materials through the use of recyclable and reusable parts.


At the same time, Sobinco wishes to achieve maximum efficiency from employed working capital.

Central to this is a healthy stock rotation and profitable investments in infrastructure, machinery and organisation.